Brass Pop Up #20189

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Brushed Brass Pop up, a complimentary accessory to complete your brass look.

  • Standard and Small, Slotted and Unslotted options available
  • Type: Pop-Up
  • Style: Push Down Pop-Up
  • Please check size of pop up before ordering 
  • Surface Treatment: Electroplated
  • Commodity Type: Household Cleaning
  • Model Number:20189
  • Material: Brass
  • Application: Basin and Bath
  • Floor Drain Method: Gravity Flushing
  • Colour: Brass
  • Usage: Household, Architecture, Hotel for Basins or Bathtubs
  • Description: Fashion Antique Brass Strainer Press Pop Up Drain
  • Function: Common Floor Drain

Large Pop up: 40mm

Small pop up: 36mm

Cleaning Method:

Mixture of half dish washing liquid and water. Make the mixture soapy and rinse with a soft cloth.

No polishing needed and do not use abrasive cleaning products and bleaches.